FS Doha 1st Pure WaterFour Seasons Hotel Doha Toasts the Environment with Move to Eco-Friendly Bottled Water.

Adoption of EcoPure Waters onsite bottling water system is expected to reduce Hotel’s plastic waste by 100,000 bottles annually.

Guests at Four Seasons Hotel Doha can drink to a more eco-friendly experience following the Hotel’s adoption of EcoPure Waters onsite bottling water system. The move replaces all plastic bottled water offered in-room with elegant Four Seasons branded-glass bottles of still water.

“We are the first hotel in Qatar and the region to adopt this eco-friendly system of bottling water onsite,” says Simon Casson, former Regional Vice-President and General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel Doha. “The EcoPure Waters technology has already been adopted with great success by other Four Seasons properties in Asia, in addition to several other leading hospitality brands and has led to significant environmental savings.


The system, which uses a seven-step purification procedure including mineral dosage and ultra-violet disinfection, produces high-quality potable water which is bottled on site.

“The system uses re-usable glass bottles that can be stored onsite, thus doing away with transport and waste disposal costs, so it’s an eco-friendly solution,” adds Casson.

By adopting the new system, Four Seasons Hotel Doha expects to do away with plastic waste equivalent to approximately 100,000 water bottles a year.


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